2020 Census Jobs

Looking for a temp job? Check out this article from the San Tan Times.



The 2020 census is hiring nationwide and will hire for the neighborhood by their zip code. Anyone can apply who is over 18, a US citizen & no criminal record. No prior experience necessary and the workers will get a letter of reference from the Government.

The applicants apply online at: 


They will call the applicants in June to set up their training starting in August 2019. The pay is $16.00 an hour, field workers receive mileage as well.

Each job phase lasts from 2 to 6 weeks & you are paid for training. We want to hire the workers in their own neighborhood. They will get a more accurate count because they know the neighborhoods. Also, they care about their community and want to get their fair share of the tax money. The Government has $675.00 of our tax money to distribute. One uncounted person will cost the community $2,000 per year till the next Decenntial Census. That’s $20,000 per person.

The first job phase is Address Canvasing. We update the 2010 maps by having the worker walk around their assigned block and verifing the existing addresses and adding the new housing. This will create our master roster to mail out the Census forms. There are only 10 questions and everyone responds online. Different job phases continue into the Fall of 2020.

For additional information regarding District 2, Supervisor Goodman’s office can be reach at:

33622 N. Mountain Vista Blvd

San Tan Valley, AZ 85142



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