Operation Enduring Gratitude – Re-Open House Event

Operation Enduring Gratitude – Re-Open House Event


New River – On Saturday, February 10, 2018, at 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM 918 E Circle Mountain Rd New River, AZ 85087-7587 the Operation Enduring Gratitude volunteers will be joining Jack Cooper to the present him with his recently rebuilt home. Jack lost his home to a fire almost four years ago, and was challenged in not having the resources to rebuild his damaged house. Two years ago, Operation Enduring Gratitude took on the mission to completely rebuild his home. With thousands of donations in time, talent, labor and support from the community, the mission is complete! Please join the team to finally give this Navy Vietnam Veteran a “Welcome Home” that he deserves. This is a free event with food and beverages provided and an opportunity for you to attend, to meet and learn about the Operation Enduring Gratitude volunteers and Jack.


Background about the Operation Enduring Gratitude (OEG) organization: They are veteran and non-veteran alike volunteers who commit their time and resources to serve the veteran community by rebuilding homes and lives. Their mission is to assist veterans and improve there quality of life, so they can enjoy and love the country they fought so hard to protect.

Mission: The group believes that it is their duty to support veterans in need of home repair and modification due to extreme circumstances.

Through the efforts, dedication and commitment of the all volunteer group they are supporting veterans who are unable to do the work or have the resources themselves to rebuild.

The OEG volunteers have had a couple of noteworthy projects like Operation Ramp Up, to provide large concrete “Access Mobility ramps”. They are affectionately known as (AMO Ramps, #AMORamps, #AMMORamps) for mobility impaired or restricted veterans. Both service-connected and none service connected impaired veterans are encouraged to apply. The “Operation Ramp Up” mission is to provide year-round services, along with two large annual volunteer events the Saturday prior to Independence Day as well as the Saturday prior to Veterans Day, by utilizing local supporters, industry leaders, university volunteers and more to serve our mobility restricted veteran community. Installation of the “AMO Ramps” at a veteran’s home will restore a safe, stress-free arrival and departure to and from the homes. The OEG believes they can succeed, where all other options have failed and funds are not unavailable. According to Operation Enduring Gratitude they are the only Veteran Support Organization (VSO) in Arizona that provides this type of service at no cost to the veterans. The ramp expenses on average in between $2500.00 / $3500.00, to date the group has provided 15 ramps free of charge. Interestingly the organization has doubled their ramp production every year since their foundation started April 2014, in 2017 they installed 8 ramps, with two smaller ones pending. The goal of Operation Enduring Gratitude for 2018 will be the installation of 18 to 20 “AMO ramps”


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Charlie Ellis

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charlie@operationenduringgratitude.org (email)






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