Mission Complete: October 2017

Mission Complete

On Saturday October 28, 2017, at the Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Marana Arizona,
well over 200 people assembled. Teenage members of youth groups, stood with older
generations, from all walks of life, from different cultures and probably different political
beliefs, it mattered not.
There were 29 almost forgotten, homeless and or indigent veterans to place in their final
resting place. The people present “stood in” as family, so these veterans would not be laid to
rest unknown.
In addition, the families of 4 additional veterans had chosen to have honors rendered to their
loved ones that day. Two of those were Purple Heart recipients.
For their last roll call, a ships bell rang out in answer to each name. Honors were rendered
by all 5 branches of the Military including a rifle salute and taps. The honor flags were
presented to 4 family members as well as 2 stand in organizations. Military honor guards
carried the urns to their resting place, where those attending witnessed their placement.
A respectful and peaceful gathering of Americans, amidst the discord of our times.
This was an example of the core values our founding fathers envisioned and stood together
to defend!
It is with humble gratitude that M.I.A.P. thanks the MANY groups, Veterans, the cemetery
staff & patriots who support this effort. It is simply “The RIGHT thing to do”

     For these 33 veterans their mission on this earth is complete….
“We have the watch”

                                                  Respectfully submitted; Bob Day – M.I.A.P. Mission Coordinator – S. AZ

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