Mission Complete Report: October 2017

June 29, 2017, Thirteen years after he was first buried, Military Honors were rendered for USAF & USMC Veteran Mario Rivas. Economic hardship set the stage for Mario to be buried in a small cemetery in Coolidge in 2003. His wife Victoria Rivas, a WWII USMC SGT, passed in May of 2017. Her last wish was for Mario to be disinterred and laid to rest with honors next to her. That wish would not be easy to accomplish!

In the same vein that this country was founded on, there was something that needed doing just because it was the Right Thing to Do. No political, monetary or status gain, just many people banding together to get it done.

Those people & organizations included: AZ DPS, Heritage Funeral Homes, Pinal County Fiduciary, AZ Dept. Of Veterans Services, The Marine Corps League Det. 901, American Legion Post 97, M.I.A.P. & PCSO. For the trip to Marana Veterans Memorial Cemetery, PCSO Motors & DPS Officers secured the roads for the procession. Motorcyclists from CVMA 32-6, VFW Riders Picacho Peak & CMA Humble Servants escorted the hearse. In Marana PGR, CVMA 32-2, the American Legion & other supporters of veteran issues stood together to witness the honors.

Last but not least, the Staff at the Marana Veterans Memorial Cemetery did an excellent job of coordinating this large group to maintain dignity in the service.

In closing:

Mr. & Mrs. Rivas, your service to our country will not be forgotten.
Rest in peace, your mission on this earth is now complete.
‘We have the watch’

Submitted by Bob Day – Military Remains Officer – Pinal County Sheriff’s Office
Email: Pinal.Co.MRO@gmail.com Phone/Text: 520.784-9235

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