Patriotism Still Matters To Us

It may be considered ‘old-fashioned’ in some circles, but at Post 97 we still salute the flag and say the pledge allegiance to it and all it stands for. Why? Because the flag is the most obvious symbol of the greatness our nation has always aspired to achieve. Post 97 members never forget our comrades who have sacrificed so much – often including their very lives – in order that tyranny never visits our families on our own shores and across this wonderful land we call home. Every meeting we hold begins with a preamble, a declaration of what the Legion has believed since it was founded in 1919, and we also drape a chair with the POW/MIA flag as a constant reminder of our fellow service members who didn’t return from a foreign land where they either died or went missing for the sake of us all. We won’t forget and we will make every effort through Legion programs about patriotism, Americanism and the flag that we can deliver to the good citizens of the San Tan Valley.


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